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Best 30+ 5th Birthday Wishes – Fifth Birthday Wishes

5'th birthday wishes

Everyone wanted to be a first person to wish “5th Birthday Wishes” . Four-year-old Babies are cute, aren’t they? The way they call your name, the way they smile after seeing you, in short, it’s just surprising to seeing a baby smiling. If you want to remember your 5th Birthday so, you should make your child 5th Birthday more unique and memorable. A 5-year-old baby is so cute every one love 5-year-old baby. Wish your 5-year-old baby with our 5-year-old birthday wishes.

Here we have a loving stuff of 5th Birthday Wishes which is most important to express your love and feelings for the cutest 5-year-old child. If you want to make a greeting card for baby
here you find 5th birthday wishes.

Best 5+ 5th Birthday Wishes – Wishes For 5th Birthday

  •  I can’t even recognize you anymore! You’ve grown to become a full fledged man/lady. You can even tie your own shoe laces now. I bet you’re going to unwrap your presents by yourself tonight won’t you? No need for mommy’s or daddy’s help anymore. So I hope those presents are accompanied by a great party and an even better cake, to celebrate the birth of the greatest child in the universe.
  •  I thought you were incredible at 1, 2, 3 and 4. At 5, you’ve become incredibly incredible. Happy birthday to my 5 year old son.
  •  Knock, Knock! Who’s there? Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday, who? Happy, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday! Five happy birthdays just for you!
  •  It might be your special day today, but I will not let you get away before kissing you and hugging you all I want! You are most precious to me…Happy birthday!
  •  Five is for…Fantastic, Incredible, Vibrant, Extraordinary. Happy 5th birthday!
  •  Even if you eat my food, even if you wear my clothes although they don’t fit you, even if you keep acting like superman around the house while I’m trying to do my homework. You are still the greatest brother there is. And for that, I thank you, because it would be really boring around the house without you. Happy birthday little bro.
  •  You’re finally old enough to have a happy birthday without having to ask for permission. Happy 5th Birthday!
  •  Who gave you permission to grow up so fast? I can’t believe you’re 5 now.
  •  From the moment we first held you in our arms, we knew that our lives have been changed forever. Your cries have rendered our night sleepless. You taught us how to be more responsible both as parents and individuals. You also taught us the incredible capacity to love as parents. You are the reason why we want to strive for the better in the future and we are definitely looking forward to seeing you grow into a wonderful person someday. For now baby, stay little and bouncy. Don’t grow up too fast, our little one. Happy fifth birthday.
  •  Happy birthday, our little prince. At 5, women are already swooning at the sight of you. Such a charmer!
  •  10 years from now, you will cringe every time I kiss your cheeks shamelessly or you will walk away embarrassingly when I request for a kiss. I will take advantage of this moment when you are generous of giving kisses every single time! Happy birthday, my baby boy.

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Awesome 5th Birthday Wishes – Wishes For 5th Birthday:

5'th birthday wishes

1- Well I guess no one can call you kid anymore… Enjoy being all grown up now! Happy fifth birthday
2- One is done. Two is through. Three did flee. Four’s out the door. Five is now live!
3- Blow a wish into the stars and dream with all your heart. Dance to the rhythm of your heartbeat and sing lovely songs with the birds perched outside your window. Embrace the bright sunshine and sparkle like the dazzling starlight. Because at 5, you can do what your heart desires. Happy birthday, little princess.
4- Too bad that I cannot call you little girl or little boy anymore… You’re already five years old and all grown up! Happy birthday now, enjoy growing up!
5- On this special day, I would just like to thank you for being in my life for the past few years… Our adventures have been amazing and I really cannot wait for the ones that are yet to come! Happy birthday little fella!
6- Hey, nephew! I want to wish you the greatest of birthdays. Hope your cake is delicious and your presents will keep you up all night from the excitement. And I promise you I’m going to be at your birthday party tonight, to make sure your boring parents don’t screw anything up!
7- One is cool. Two is cool. Three is cool. Four is cool. Five is cooler. Happy 5th birthday to the coolest kid anywhere.
8- Be happy! Full of joy! Because this day is dedicated to you, the coolest 5-year-old in town, and the youngest while you’re at it. So try and stay this cool while you are growing up, and one day, you will be even cooler than your parents. Happy Birthday!
9- This world won’t be as beautiful for me if you had not filled my days with your naughty tricks and cuddly hugs and kisses. You have coloured my world with so much love and wonder and mommy and daddy wants to thank you for it. Best fifth birthday, our little sweet sunshine!
10- I cannot believe how five years went by so fast… I will always love you! Happy fifth birthday!
11- It’s always good to know a really cool 5-year-old. I’m glad to know you.
12- Now that you’re 5, you’re too old for toys. A 5 dollar bill is much more appropriate.
13- You deserve everything there is and more! Stay cute, smart and sweet! It is an irresistible combination! Happy birthday!
14- Happy 5th birthday sweetie, you are an amazing kid and I hope you get to enjoy this day. I love you so much and hope you always remember you mean a lot to me.
15- You are the youngest 5-year-old I know!
16- Five can draw a drawing. Five can button buttons. Five can zip a zipper. Five can wish wishes. Five can get presents and eat cake on bright dishes!
17- All you need in this life is a loving heart and a kind and gentle soul and you are clearly posses such! Awesome fifth birthday
18- No one can call you a little kid any more. You’re 5 now!
19- Happy 5th birthday. Now you’re old enough to pick your own friends. No more playgroups for you!
20- Wow! You are so big for such a young one. I see wonderful things for you in the future. Happy 5th birthday!
21- I always knew you were born a superstar… Get on that dance-floor and show us your moves kiddo! Happy 5th birthday!
22- I hope for each candle you blow out, a wish comes true. So you better start thinking, because there are 5 things for you to get, just a candle away, on top of your cake at the amazing party that is coming soon to celebrate the day our beloved grandchild was born. Happy birthday from grandpa/grandma
23- Turning 5 is cool! Just think of all the 1, 2, 3 and 4 year olds you can boss around now! Happy 5th birthday!
24- There’s a big difference between being 4 and 5. You’re 25% older than a 4-year-old.
25- When you turn 5, you don’t get toys anymore. You get something even better — money, so you can buy the toys you actually want. Happy 5th birthday!
26- 5 is a great age to be! All you need to worry about is finishing your milk, cleaning up toys and overwhelming your parents with love! Awesome fifth birthday.
27- We can’t call you a little kid anymore. You’re five now, so you’re a big kid now. Happy 5th birthday!
28- Dear son, you are like a prince to us. I wish you a very Happy Birthday. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead. We are always with you.
29- My beloved child, even though you wake me up at 7 am every Sunday morning to watch cartoons on my day off, I still adore you from the bottom of my heart, and wish you an amazing birthday, because that is what you deserve as an amazing child.
30- You only have 5 more years to use your fingers to count to your age.
31- I will never get tired of watching you sleep or bounce happily in our bed in the morning. I will never get tired of listening to you slowly read your books or sing your ABCs. And definitely, I will never ever get tired of loving you at your best and worst or protect you that threatens to hurt you. I love you, my little cookies. Best fifth birthday.
32- Hip, hip, hooray and happy 5th birthday! Enjoy every bite of your birthday cake and ice cream today!
33- On a special day like this, we just want you to know that it is really awesome to have such a lovely and obedient son like you. Happy Birthday to you.
34- ou turned 5 today. You are getting so big! I’m so proud of you! Happy 5th birthday to you!
35- A terrific child like you has brought immeasurable wonders in our lives. God has indeed sent an angel in form of

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